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Snowy Peak Jasmine - 30g

Snowy Peak Jasmine - 30g

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Batch: Spring* 2023

Begin a restful journey with Snowy Peak Jasmine, a classic blend that combines the tender leaves of Spun Peak Green with the soft white petals of Jasmine. It is the perfect way to start your path toward relaxation.

According to locals in Sichuan, the story behind this tea begins with a wandering Buddhist monk who, while sitting atop E'Mei mountain, witnessed the beautiful tranquility of snowflakes falling into an emerald hot spring. In an effort to recreate this memory, the monk combined local green tea with night-blooming jasmine flowers to make a fragrant and soothing tea perfect for meditation.

Snowy Peak Jasmine is a beloved green tea for its refreshing flavor and soothing aroma. Sip on this tea and let its enchanting fragrance whisk you away to a state of blissful relaxation. Snowy Peak Jasmine thrives in cooler waters, topping out at 180°F, to preserve its floral flavors.

(*Photo label is incorrect, should read Spring 2023 not Winter 2023*)

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