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Sunblitz Red Tea - 30g

Sunblitz Red Tea - 30g

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Batch: Spring 2023

Introducing Sunblitz Red, a meticulously sourced tea from the famous Yunnan tea plant in China, renowned for its role in Pu'er tea. While termed "Black Tea" in the West, this tea rightfully claims its Eastern identity as "Hong Cha" or "Red Tea," named after its vibrant liquor.

Crafted from hand-selected green leaves in the Nannuo mountain range, our Sunblitz Red Tea undergoes a special machine rolling and massaging process that breaks open the cell walls, starting an oxidation process that transforms the green leaves into a tapestry of red-clay hues. The leaves are then carefully dried under the sun on bamboo mats.

The result? Sunblitz Red – a large leaf tea with a refreshingly light and zingy flavor profile, offering a harmonious blend of energizing and relaxing benefits. Elevate your tea experience with the unique essence of Sunblitz Red.

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