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Wild Silver Buds - 30g

Wild Silver Buds - 30g

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Batch: Winter 2023

Unleash the untamed spirit of Wild Silver Buds! Harvested from the remote mountain forests in Yunnan, China, these rebellious buds defy the norm, being plucked from "Wild Trees" scattered across the rugged terrain.

Meet Camellia Crassicolumna, a wild species breaking free from the traditional tea plant. Forget caffeine; it's all about theobromine here! Researchers have just discovered the buds are naturally caffeine-free!

These miraculous wild buds create an almost etherial and ghostly clear infusion. Cold steepings reveal zesty lemon vibes, while hotter infusions release wild, sour undertones. Embrace the wild side of flavor with Wild Silver Buds, where every sip is an adventure!

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